• CSN Dual-Flange Electromagnetic Clutch Brake Module

CSN Dual-Flange Electromagnetic Clutch Brake Module

Voltage: 24 VDC
Torque Selection: 5.5~175 Nm
CSN Dual-Flange Electromagnetic Clutch Brake Module

CSN Dual-Flange Clutch and Brake Module

Flange surface with one input point and one output point

  • The clutch rotor is fixed on the input shaft and the clutch armature is fixed on the output shaft.  When the clutch is energized the output shaft is driven; and when the clutch is disengaged and the brake is energized, the output shaft stops.

  • With inner armature fan design, the operating temperature can be reduced more efficiently; the life time of this unit can be extended as well.

  • Reduced flange thickness saves space and makes installation easier. This unit can be used for connections motors to output shafts and gear reduction flange interfaces under IEC standards.  The unit is compact and very easy to install.

  • Applications: start-up, stopping, high frequency operation, positioning, manual operation.

  • Fast response. Dry design means instant reaction to commands
  • Durability. Excellent heat dissipation and quality materials mean long life, even under high frequency and high performance conditions
  • Easy to install and maintain. Sealed bearing race eliminates the need for removal of the center core. No dust brush is needed, and operation is simpler and easier.
  • Short frame: Space saving.
  • Sure motion. One-piece plate will not slip even under the strongest vibration for longer life.