Examples of installation & Application

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icon-02.gif Applications and Torque Ranges
Machine tools (lathes, drills, millers, multi-purpose auto-finishing machines), construction machinery, forging machinery, transportation machinery, wood-working machinery, boats, special-purpose vehicles(PTOs) and other production equipment.
icon-01.gif Standard Friction Torque
     Clutch = 0.3kgm ~ 20kgm
     Brake = 0.3kgm ~ 20kgm
     Other models and specifications are available on request.
icon-02.gif Operating Guidelines
item-01.gif Checkpoints before installation
icon-01.gif Most clutches and brakes include some soft or fragile materials.
     Ensure against loss or damage to part.
     Do not  force or crimp lead wires.
item-02.gif Checkpoints during installation
icon-01.gif Consult JIS B H7 specifications on installing the clutch and brake on the shaft. These must be securely attached to the long side of the shaft with no play.

icon-01.gif When removing a core, exercise caution to maintain alignment between the driving and driven cores. If the cores are misaligned or at an angle the effective life of the unit will be severely affected.

icon-01.gifAlignment tolerance varies for different models but is generally less that 5/100.

icon-01.gif The magnetic top plate is used simply to prevent rotation and should not be firmly attached to the long end of the shaft.
icon-01.gif Consult Figure 2 for positioning of the coupler and clutch body.In addition, bolts used to hold the coupler in place should no be too long, to avoid making contact with the clutch.
icon-01.gif Screws should be tightly fastened in installing the clutch and used with the locknut.
icon-01.gif Centerline alignment of the brake and main body and the shaft should be within 0.04mm, and installation surface should be within 0.05mm of a right angle to the shaft.
icon-01.gif Position the internal brace in line with the segmental shaft or the bearing race.
icon-01.gif When making an installation in a gear box or housing, design a cover where possible to facilitate inspection and maintenance of the clutch.