Basic Design and Operation

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This type of design features safety spring-driven sealed units with no electromagnetic actions. They are safe and can be use even when power is not available, and can also remain stopped for long periods of time to prevent damage to machines.Through these years we have made considerable changes and improvements, and we lead the industry in quality and technology. We offer a wide range of models, all of which have won great praise from those who have used them.

icon-02.gif Special Features
item-01.gif Safety and absolute control
  Little variation in torque for fast response even in abnormal conditions for maximum safety.
item-02.gif Quiet operation
  Noise during operation is reduced to a minimum.
item-03.gif Manual release is available
Manual release: Brake can be disengaged by pulling the handle while power is not supplied.

item-04.gif Durability
  Non-asbestos compounds are used in linings for long life with minimal wear.
item-05.gif Easy installation and adjustment
  Installation together with a motor is simple and easy, and adjustments are very easy.