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icon-02.gif Operating Guidelines
  item-01.gifPlease do not knock or drop brakes. The physical impact can cause damage to internal brake parts and affect the critical air gap which is set for connecting magnet flux.
  item-02.gifPlease prevent foreign objects from entering the air gap, especially high permeability magnetic materials.
  item-03.gifThe spring coupling must be used to main contact between shafts. In addition, the concentricity and the right angle of shafts must be maintained with the tolerance range.
  item-04.gifPlease tighten the adjustment screws after torque is adjusted or other screws during installation.
  item-05.gifIn the case of continuous operation, the brake or clutch may slip and generate heat; therefore, the allowable slipping efficiency is not changeable. The temperature of brake or clutch is very high during operation, please do not touch it.
item-06.gifWhen torque is decreased, the residual magnetism may affect the smooth operation; this is called “cogging”. The residual magnetism can be eliminated by gently turning the output shaft and adjust torque to a low value.