Company News

New Product-Electromagnetic Tooth Clutches

Chain Tail’s Electromagnetic Tooth Clutches utilize the tooth engagement to transmit torque. There’s no slipping since the torque is transmitted by tooth engagement. With their compact sizes, these tooth clutches can also transmit higher torque than electromagnetic friction clutches.

The New Chain Tail Global Website is Now ON LINE !

We are glad to announce that Chain Tail Co., Ltd. has launched a brand new website located at www.chaintail.comThe new global website has replaced the previous website version and provides more comprehensive product information in English, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese. Product range: Spring-Applied Brakes, Permanent Magnet Brakes, Friction Clutches and Brakes, Hysteresis Brakes, Particle Clutches and Brakes, Tooth Clutches, Oil-Actuated Clutches and Brakes. For additional inf...

New Product ~ Ultra Thin Spring Applied Brakes for robotics

Chain Tail has developed new Ultra Thin Spring Applied Brakes(MBS Series) with over-excitation controllers for custom robotics solutions. The minimized static torque is of 0.04Nm and the diameter is smaller than 20mm. With custom-made installation method, the OEM designers have more flexible selections on various applications. With the compact, power-saving advantages as well as over-heating prevention features,Ultra Thin Spring Applied Brakes are frequently inquired on applications o...

Responsible Minerals Procurement Policy

Chain Tail promotes "Minerals Procurement" to full fill social responsibility in Supply chain. We procure the realized minerals without involvement in conflicts, human rights violation or labor issues. Chain Tail requests suppliers to understand the Chain Tail 's procurement policy and cooperate with the survey on the procurement process. Furthermore, Chain Tail requests suppliers to procure minerals from the refiners/smelters approved by globally recognized frameworks such as RMI (Respons...

Product Changes for Green Policy

Dear Valued Customers, Thank you for your continuous supports for Chain Tail Co., Ltd. With serial tests, it proves that existing black-oxided parts have less corrosion resistance and easily get rust stains under poor use environments. Besides, the push for people to be more environmentally conscious has continued to grow, the global regulations for green environments are getting strict, black-oxided parts can barely meet the requirements and suppliers have also gradually not provided bla...

Overseas Company Trip~Okinawa, Japan

The persistence of senior employees enables a cooperation sustainable inheritance. No matter it is 5 years, 10 years, 15 years or 30 years, the growth and experience from every stage has become a milestone towards excellence.Appreciating senior staffs for their long-term commitment, Chain Tail Co., Ltd. has once again held overseas company trip to Okinawa, Japan this year, expecting to step into the next 30 years with employees.

The first Taiwanese manufacturer of PM Hysteresis Torque Controller

Due to the various applications and high market prices onPermanent Magnet Hysteresis Torque Controller (CHT), Chain Tail has invested resources in this project for years. The product has been successfully developed lately and introduced to the international market. Chain Tail PM hysteresis units can be configured as a clutch or a brake depending upon mounting. Specifically, it can be used as a “Torque Limiter” for tensioning wire, capping machines and torque-limiting systems. It also pro...

Congratulations~ CT is the first manufacturer of Hysteresis Brakes in Taiwan

Chain Tail hysteresis brake utilizes the principles of hysteresis to bring accurate and smooth torque. This method offers superior operation characteristics, such as long life, smooth torque, high torque repeatability and low maintenance cost. Hysteresis brakes are the preferred choices for precise tension control. Please contact Sales Dept for detailed inquiry.

New Launch~ ZKX Hollow Shaft Magnetic Particle Brake

Chain Tailhas successfully developedHollow Shaft Magnetic Particle Brake ZKX series Thismodel offers the advantages of more streamlined and softerbrake operation and greater effectiveness during engagement ofbrake friction surfaces. Please contact Sales Dept for detailed inquiry.

New Launch~Dry Single-plate Solenoid Clutch and Brake- Micro

In response to strong customer demand fordurable and high reliable products, CT has successfully developedDry Single-plate Solenoid Clutch and Brake- Micro (MBG、MCE、MCF). To compare with existing large, medium size, the new series hassmaller volume, but also quick response and excellent heat dissipation, which can be applied to general office equipments, such as:folders, key punch, copy machine, ATM...and so on. Besides, a prestressed plating spring used to ensure that there is no residual ma...