• ALS0S2AP Power Off Brake

ALS0S2AP Power Off Brake

Voltage: 24 VDC
Torque: 2 Nm minimum
Application: machinery, industrial, wire EDM, .. etc.

*Customization Available
ALS0S2AP Power Off Brake

  • Disengaged:

When power is on, the coil will be energized to exert the magnetism and pull the armature plate down to compress springs. Meanwhile, the friction disc in the brake will be disengaged then shaft can move.

  • Engaged:

When power is off, magnetism in the coil will disappear and the armature plate will be rebounded by springs. At the same time, the friction disc in the brake will be engaged to hold the shaft.


  • Safety and absolute control: Little variation in torque for fast response even in abnormal conditions for maximum safety.
  • Quiet operation: Noise during operation is reduced.
  • Durability: Non-asbestos compounds are used in linings for long life with minimal wear.
  • Easy installation and adjustment: Installation together with a motor is simple and easy, and adjustments are very easy.