• TZE Tooth Clutches

TZE Tooth Clutches

Voltage: 24 VDC
Torque Selection: 50~250 Nm
TZE Tooth Clutches

Chain Tail’s Electromagnetic Tooth Clutches utilize the tooth engagement to transmit torque.  There’s no slipping since the torque is transmitted by tooth engagement.  With their compact sizes, these tooth clutches can also transmit higher torque than electromagnetic friction clutches.

  • Operation

The tooth clutch is mainly composed of magnetic field (stator), armature (rotor), and armature plate (rotor), which forms a magnetic flux loop when the magnetic coil is energized. The armature plate is pulled in to armature, teeth on plate and armature engage, clutch is connected. When power is cut, armature plate is pulled back by the spring and no longer attracted to the armature, clutch is disengaged.


  • Compact, high torque: Chain Tail’s Tooth Clutch generates high torque with a compact size, since torque is transmitted by engaging tooth.
  • Zero drag torque: Tooth is made of non-magnetic material. There is no magnetic loop formed between teeth upon power-cut, so there is no drag torque.
  • Easy installation: Design to be mounted through a bearing, no need to adjust concentricity of magnet field and armature when mounting.
  • Accurate Transmission: No slippage since torque is transmitted by engaging tooth.