• MWJ Oil Actuated Multi-disc Electromagnetic Clutch

MWJ Oil Actuated Multi-disc Electromagnetic Clutch

Voltage: 24 VDC
Torque Selection: 10~400 Nm (Connection plate is optional)
Application: CW/CCW rotation or speed control
Machine tools (lathe、drilling、milling)、agricultural machines、sealing machines、injection molding machines
MWJ Oil Actuated Multi-disc Electromagnetic Clutch

When the oil is energized, the rotor, inner and outer plates and armature are all magnetized. The inner and outer plates and strongly connected, and the friction generated causes the clutch to engage; while the current is cut off the friction plate spring pushes the outer plate away and the clutch is disengaged.

  • The brake component operates on the same basic principles as the clutch.

MWJ Oil Actuated Multi-disc Electromagnetic Clutch

  • Precise response: The specially-treated friction plate is particularly responsive in terms of start-up and reduction time for torque. In addition, its use in combination with a special release spring decreases drag (no-load) torque.
  • No adjustment needed: The magnetic coil is static and does not need dust brushes or similar protective devices. All components are located in the main body (the clutch housing) for fast and easy installation with no need for further adjustment.
  • Compact and loaded with torque: This design is smaller in every way than competitors’ offerings, yet it delivers more torque than any other model. This, together with its ease of installation, makes it the ideal design for use with machinery.
  • Greater capacity for connecting work: The unit can be used for strenuous applications, including lubrication and connections.
  • Extremely durable: Even with high frequency and high speed applications, the highly effective hydraulic membrane can use borderline lubrication conditions. This may reduce friction considerably, and maximum durability can be guaranteed only in a normal operating environment (semi-permanent).