• CPB Permanent Magnet Brake

CPB Permanent Magnet Brake

Voltage: 24 VDC
Torque Selection: 0.02~140 Nm (Static Holding)
Applications: robotics, servo motors, precise positioning

*Customization Available
CPB Permanent Magnet Brake

Braking force of Permanent Magnet Brake is generated by a permanent magnet instead of a spring, thus it is different from a general type of spring-applied safety brake. The permanent magnet brake is composed of a spring plate and an armature, so there is no backlash on the moment of braking while power is off and no drag torque while idling during the current is supplied. 


  • While the current is cut off, the magnetic force of the permanent magnet engages an armature plate and produces rated torque.
  • While a coil is energized, upon the excitation voltage reaches a certain level of reading, the magnetic force of the permanent magnet will be neutralized by the reverse pole of magnetic force generated from a coil. The induction force between an armature plate and the yoke will also disappear which releases the brakes.

  • Quick response:Use a permanent magnet to induce an armature plate for braking force which solidifies and speeds up movement.
  • Zero backlash:The armature plate is driven by a spring, thus torque is transmitted without backlash.
  • Low number of decibels:As the armature plate directly connects to the spring plate, there is almost zero decibels of noise and drag torque while parts are rotating. 
  • Small volume and high torque:The use of superior quality of permanent magnet generates greater effect of torque than other types at the same size.