• CHB Hysteresis Brake

CHB Hysteresis Brake

Voltage: 24 VDC
Torque Selection: 0.02~1 Nm
Application: Tension control
Winding machines, filming machines, textile machines, small load testers
CHB Hysteresis Brake

Chain Tail hysteresis brakes utilize the principles of hysteresis to bring accurate and smooth torque. The torque is produced through a magnetic air gap without magnetic particles or friction components. This method offers superior operation characteristics, such as ling life, smooth torque, high torque repeatability and low maintenance cost. Hysteresis brakes are the preferred choice for precise tension control.

  • Free mounting direction:Easy installation, can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
  • Available in high speed:Torque is produced by a non-contact structure, which allows brake working at high speed.
  • Easy, accurate torque control:Accurate ratio of torque to current. Torque can be adjusted.
  • Smooth operation:The slipping torque is smooth when brake is working.
  • Durable:No mechanical friction, or wear components exist.