• CE1 Electromagnetic Power On Clutch (Bearing Built-In) with Hub

CE1 Electromagnetic Power On Clutch with Hub

Voltage: 24 VDC
Torque Selection: 5.5~90 Nm
CE1 Electromagnetic Power On Clutch with Hub

Dry clutch and brake can be used to drive and disengage machines, to transfer speeds and directions and for other applications including:

  • Packing and wrapping systems: packing machines, strapping machines, wrapping machinery
  • Textile machinery: fiber twisters, treatment machines, weaving machines
  • Metal finishing systems: extrudes, wire stretchers, presses, welders, steel wire retractors, cutters, pipe makers, wire winding machines
  • Machine tool systems: lathes, millers, steel extrudes, CNC lathes, specialized machinery 
  • Transportation equipment: hoists, feeders, conveyors, rollers, winders

Special Features:

  • Fast response. Dry design means instant reaction to commands
  • Durability. Excellent heat dissipation and quality materials mean long life, even under high frequency and high performance conditions
  • Easy to install and maintain. Sealed bearing race eliminates the need for removal of the center core. No dust brush is needed, and operation is simpler and easier.
  • No adjustment of the motor. The motor is designed so that it does not need adjustment of the friction surface, and once it is installed only very minor adjustments are needed.
  • Sure motion. One-piece plate will not slip even under the strongest vibration for longer life.