• ZKX Hollow-Shaft Magnetic Particle Brake

ZKX Hollow-Shaft Magnetic Particle Brake

Voltage: 24 VDC
Torque Selection: 3~12 Nm
Application: Tension control
Tape dispensers, packaging systems, load testers, filming machines, rewinders, sealing machines.
ZKX Hollow-Shaft Magnetic Particle Brake

Chain Tail's hollow-shaft particle brakes units utilize magnetic particles to transmit torque. This offers the advantages of more streamlined and softer clutch operation and greater effectiveness during engagement of clutch friction surfaces. 

ZKX Examples of installation

  • The front of bearing must be firmly attached to the installation board.  

  • Drive shaft and load shaft must be connected by a spring coupler, and the alignment and angles between shafts must be maintained with the allowable range for spring coupler.

  • If the load shaft is hold by the internal bearing inside the brake, please prevent it from being hold by only 3 points. (there are 2 internal bearing inside the brake)


  • Wide-Range Torque Control
  • Continuous Slipping/Operation
  • Stable Torque
  • No Chirps
  • Extra Heat Capacity
  • Smooth Engagement and Transmission
  • Long Life
  • Non-Asbestos Material